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Teachers and Staff:

If you'd like to choose your favorite image to receive in a complimentary photo package, it's a (quick and easy!) two-step process:

1. Click this link to view your photos (you'll need either your password card from photo day or a password you've received in an email).  If your photos are not yet ready, enter your email address to be notified when they're available (you can still go down and fill out the form in step 2!).  If they are available, DO NOT click "Order Photos" as you're viewing your photos if you'd like a complimentary package.  Instead, the easiest way is to designate your favorite photo as the "yearbook" photo, then proceed to step 2 below.

2. Next, fill out the form below titled "Complimentary Staff Photo Package" to tell us you'd like a complimentary package with the photo you selected as your yearbook photo (if your photos are not ready to view yet, you can still fill out the form below and we'll put your order through a week or so after the photos go live, so you'll have time to choose your favorite).  Once that's done, we'll get your photos to you with the next batch order shipped to your school!

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